In The Studio

Pottery Classes for Adults and Teens

Hand-building and wheel throwing techniques are taught with stoneware clays. Using pinch, coil and slab methods beginners are taught through a series of projects including sculpted animals, cups, bowls, vases, trays and more. Equipment such as the slab roller and extruder are used with the hand building projects.

There are extensive demonstrations using the potter's wheel for learning basic throwing skills to make cylinders, bowl and plates. The more experienced student is guided to explore their creativity and perfect their techniques. Decoration and glazing instruction guide the student to complete the pieces for daily use.


Week long workshops and special fire-pit-at-the-beach sessions are offered.

Custom Pottery Classes

From age 7 and up, gather a group of 4 or more people and Elaine will hold a class customized to the interests of the students. Tuition is calculated at $15 per hour per student. All materials included.

Pottery classes are a great group activity for Boy or Girl Scouts, birthday parties, friends or family.

Private Lessons

Private classes for any level, any age are offered at $50 per hour, semi-private at $75 per hour which includes one hour of intensive instruction and one hour practice time.

Download Class Schedule for Fall 2014